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Welcome to XLR8, by Raiz Capital. A startup program designed to propel AI and ML startups to new heights of success. Since its initial pilot in 2016, XLR8 has been refined to meet the unique needs of startups in the rapidly evolving fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. XLR8 is the brainchild of Gregory Raiz, an accomplished entrepreneur who is no stranger to the world of startups. With a proven track record of investing in startups, Raiz brings a wealth of experience and unparalleled expertise to helping early-stage founders. He has reviewed thousands of startups and personally invested in over 50 founders.

Our Values



Culture is the lifeblood of any organization, and we place immense emphasis on fostering a dynamic, collaborative, and supportive environment for our startups.



Cashflow sustains and nourishes a startup, fueling its growth and enabling it to weather the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. We put cashflow before capital to help founders align for the long-term.



Capital has the power to catapult a startup towards success, but it can also be its undoing. XLR8 not only invests in startups but also equips them with the tools to thrive in the long run.


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XLR8 is a unique startup accelerator program, designed to be highly customized for each participating company, providing a tailored experience that addresses individual needs and challenges. Eschewing the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, XLR8 adopts a remote-first model that offers flexibility and accessibility to its participants. It is an immersive program for three-month, and then transitions to monthly sessions for an additional three months. This structure allows startups to extract maximum value from the program without distracting founders from their core business.

Founders will get tactical and practical skills that will help them.

  • Hire, recruit and retain world-class talent
  • Close and negotiate multi-million dollar B2B contracts
  • Establish mission, vision, values for your business to help you scale
  • Run an effective fundraising process
  • Identify and recruit top mentors to help you open doors
  • Create a financial model to better operate your business and utilize cash

Furthermore, the program assists founders in addressing design and product, pitch and storytelling shortcomings that may be hindering either sales, customer retention, or fundraising.

Throughout the XLR8 program, each founder will work closely with the director to identify their core strengths and weaknesses, equipping them with the necessary skills to run a scalable business.



By founders
for founders.

XLR8 was started to help founders through the incredibly difficult and often lonely journey of starting a company. We're taking an analytical approach to helping founders with information, resources, and network.




Companies selected to participate in the XLR8 program will benefit from a $25K investment to fuel their growth and development. Participants will offer 2% equity to participate in the program. The $25K investment will be made at a $5M post-money SAFE, reflecting the confidence XLR8 has in the potential of these promising startups. Founders will also reserve $75K for additional investments that can be made by XLR8 program advisors and mentors, totaling a potential total program investment of $100K.

WHY This?

  • #1

    Fast growing markets help founders find product market fit faster

    We believe that fast growing market help founders find customers, investors, and product market fit faster.

  • 8B

    Create positive change

    Technologies such as AI will impact enviroment, medicine, communications, and daily life for everyone on this plantet. Founders have a profound opportunity to create positive global change.

  • <10

    Small class size allows deeper engagment

    Smaller cohorts lead to tailored experiences, enhancing the impact for both companies and founders. It's our blend of 'artisanal' entrepenourship.

  • 6m

    Longer engagement

    The program is immersive for a three-month period, and then transitions to monthly sessions for an additional three months. Longer-term engagment helps startups when they really need it.



What we
look for

The XLR8 startup selection process employs a comprehensive approach that evaluates key aspects of startups, including the team, market, and timing elements. In a groundbreaking move, the program also utilizes AI scoring to compare applicants against the characteristics of a cohort of successful, exited founders. This innovative approach marks the first time AI has been applied to such an early stage of founder selection, demonstrating XLR8’s commitment to harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to identify promising startups with the greatest potential for success.




Let's start

With a tailored approach, XLR8 is focused on helping propel your AI or ML startup towards unparalleled success. Recognizing the value of your time, the application process has been streamlined to take just 5 minutes.

Don't miss the chance to join this transformative program. Submit your application today and embark on a journey towards realizing your startup's full potential.